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How Your Office Affects Your Employees

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It is a well known fact that happy workers produce higher quality work, but did you know that the physical layout of your workplace has a direct effect on morale and productivity? “An Overview of the Influence of Physical Office Environments Towards Employees” tells us that the physical environment does have a direct effect on employee well-being.

Symptoms of low staff morale include:

  • A drastic increase in turnover
  • Decrease in individuals acting on their own initiative for the benefit of the company
  • Lack of team spirit and friendly office chatter
  • Decrease in passion for work.

If any of these are ringing true for you then don’t panic. We at Contract Property Services can help you devise an office plan that will boost staff spirit and make for a happier working environment.


The study suggests that concentration and productivity are influenced by the temperature, lighting, noise levels and air quality of a workplace. Getting these wrong can result in an influx of SBS (Sickness Building Syndrome), while finding the perfect combination can increase the overall well-being of your valued employees.
Reduce The Risk of Eye Fatigue With Optimum Lighting

Sourced: iStock

Sourced: iStock have published a guide on how ergonomics influence the workplace, mentioning that lighting should be taken into consideration to prevent your team suffering eye strain. Click here for symptoms of eye fatigue and consider opting for lighting that reduces the glare on computer screens to actively reduce staff illness.

Improve Air Quality and Maintain The Perfect Temperature



Eco Evaluator tells us that indoor plants, aside from looking lovely, act as air purifiers and can actively reduce indoor pollutants, creating a healthier working environment. Incorporating office plants into your office design has also been proven to increase productivity by 15%, according to psychologists from Exeter University.

A study by the Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory tells us that the temperature sweet spot for a happy workforce is 21-22°c. Any more or any less could negatively impact your employees.

Reduce Workplace Noise



An Overview of the Influence of Physical Office Environments Towards Employees informs us that excessive office noise can be demotivating. Investing in office partitioning can help prevent office noise from spreading, resulting in a more harmonious working environment for everyone.

Our team at Contract Property Services have more than ten years’ experience working in the industry and are experts when it comes to interior design that keeps your needs in mind. Call us today on 01234 381 667 to discuss how we can help create the perfect working environment for your employees.


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